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“It is my preferred treatment for solar lentigines and freckles, and the treatment of choice for Hori’s Nevus, Nevus of Ota, café-au-lait type lesions, and occasionally Becker’s Nevus. I also use it to treat melasma.” What indications do you treat using the RevLite ? Philip Bekhor, M.D. – The RevLite is one of the most important workhorses in my prac-tice. It is my preferred treatment for solar len-tigines and freckles, and the treatment of choice for Hori’s Nevus, Nevus of Ota, café-au-lait type lesions, and occasionally Becker’s Nevus. I also use it to treat melasma. In addi-tion, it is a highly reliable and safe means for tattoo removal Philip Bekhor, M.D. Director Laser Unit Department of Dermatology Royal Childrens Hospital Melbourne, Australia in all skin types. Fan Xin, M.D. – I’ve used ConBio devices for many years, beginning with the MedLite series of lasers. The advantages in-Fan Xin, M.D. clude energy stability, good clinical curative Director effects and fewer side effects. I use it to treat Dermatology Department pigmentation and skin disease – in particu-Beijing Military General Hospital Beijing, China lar, melasma, Nevus of Ota, freckles, café-au-lait spots, tattoos, and Riehl’s melanosis. There are many people in China suffering from post-infl ammatory pigmentation and acne, and I have used ConBio’s devices to help them, along with patients who have large pores or rough skin. S.C. Rajendran, M.D., D.V.D. – I began using ConBio products in 1996, and in 1999 I became the fi rst physician in India to use the MedLite. In India pigmentation is S.C. Rajendran, M.D., D.V.D. a big problem, rather than anti-aging. Dermatologist Professor People want to look fairer and have clear, Vydehi Institute of Medical Sciences rejuvenated skin. We use the RevLite for and Research Centre laser toning, which rejuvenates the skin, Bangalore, India but mostly we use it to treat hyperpigmen-tation or other serious conditions like Nevus of Ota, some traumatic pigmentation cases that may develop, tattoo removal and fi ne hair removal. Atchima Suwanchinda, M.D. – I have been using RevLite for a year-and-a-half but I have used the MedLite C6 and MedLite4 for much longer – around 16 years. I re-ally like the RevLite, because it has higher pulse energy and a larger spot size; there-Atchima Suwanchinda, M.D. Dermatologist and Dermatologic Surgeon fore I can work faster compared to the other Director devices. In my practice, melasma is the num-Medisci Biointegrative and Anti-Aging ber one indication, though I also use the Center Bangkok, Thailand RevLite for skin discolorations since abnor-mal pigmentation is one of the most common problems in my practice. I also use the RevLite to treat Hori’s Nevus, solar lentigines, post-infl ammatory hyperpigmentation, periorbital darkening, lip darkening and un-derarm darkening. It is also very useful for skin rejuvenation. Peter Wong, M.D. – The role of RevLite lasers in my practice can be broadly di-vided into two categories; namely, treatment as a single tool and in combination with other modalities, which may be surgical or non-surgical. The RevLite is a very Before Tx After a series of RevLite 1064 nm treatments Photos courtesy of Atchima Suwanchinda, M.D. THE Asian Aesthetic Guide 2012 -Volume 2 3

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