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clinical roundtable | RevLite “When a patient comes in to get treated for pigmentary problems and asks if there is some way to deal with her wrinkles I can recommend the RevLite for that as well.” versatile, multi-purpose device with four wavelengths to choose from, in addition to the PTP mode. I have used it for facial rejuvenation in patients who do not warrant surgery, or are not yet ready for surgical face-lifts. I often use the PTP mode to pro-vide some degree of skin tightening over the forehead region, especially above the lateral aspects of the eyebrows; at the nasolabial and perioral areas; and also in the neck region, particularly, below the jaw and chin. What cutting edge treatments are you performing with RevLite ? Dr. Bekhor – Currently, I’m performing low intensity treatments for melasma be-cause too much heat can lead to infl ammation and irritation. I am also noting an associated photorejuvenation effect from this treatment. Additionally, I am studying the benefi ts of the R20 protocol for more rapid elimination of tattoos. Dr. Xin – I use many different settings to treat pigmentation of the skin. One good thing about the system is that I have choices in how aggressively I can treat patients. Many times, physicians will treat a condition too aggressively and introduce hy-popigmentation. This is not good and should be avoided. I can modulate the energy, which allows for better, more consistent outcomes. This same approach is very good for acne also. Dr. Rajendran – I have more and more people asking if we can do something about their wrinkles. So when a patient comes in to get treated for pigmentary prob-lems and asks if there is some way to deal with her wrinkles I can recommend the RevLite for that as well. It treats a large variety of indications, and at varied wave-lengths, which itself is cutting edge. Dr. Suwanchinda – The RevLite provides me with good options to treat more pa-tients who come in presenting severe indications of melasma and other pigmenta-tion. The safety profi le and larger spot size help reduce the incidence of epidermal injury, which leads to textural changes in the patient’s skin. There is also a decrease in complications. Dr. Wong – New uses for the RevLite include facial rejuvenation, especially in the reduction of fi ne wrinkles, age spots, pigmentation and pores. This is a major ben-efi t, because now wrinkle reduction can be achieved using the same machine I al-ready use to treat other skin problems. Melasma before Tx Melasma after fi ve RevLite 1064 nm treatments Photos courtesy of Fan Xin, M.D. How does the RevLite compare with other treatments and modalities ? Dr. Bekhor – I feel the RevLite is the best system for freckles and lentigines. The endpoints are consistent and easy to identify, such that treatment can be delegat-ed to trained nursing staff. Alternative treatments using millisecond pulse, 532 nm systems have a diffi cult and subtle endpoint not easily delegated to non-physician operators. The treatment of lentigines in Asian skin has not been a problem with RevLite. Any post-infl ammatory pigmentation has been temporary and controlled with creams. 4 THE Asian Aesthetic Guide 2012 -Volume 2

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