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“In terms of cost-effectiveness, it is a worthy machine to invest in. There are no disposables, and maintenance is minimal and easy to do.” Dr. Xin – I like to call my ConBio lasers my “friendliest lasers.” The main reasons for this are energy stability, good curative effects, mild skin reaction and fewer side effects. This laser-based approach can treat a lot of indications, but for treating Asian skin it is extremely reliable. Dr. Rajendran – I must answer your question with a question: What laser can treat acne scars, remove hair, reduce pigmentation and rejuvenate your skin effi -caciously, and with tremendous safety for the patient ? RevLite is a multi-application platform. For patients in India, where there is great desire, for cultural reasons, to have fairer skin, we treat pigmentation foremost. You could use a fractional laser to treat acne scars or maybe melasma; or even a dermal roller might work for acne. However, when you want to treat pigmentation the MedLite and the RevLite are the gold standard. Dr. Suwanchinda – In terms of clinical practice, RevLite can be used to treat a whole range of pigmentation problems, and it is very safe for darker skin tones. In Asian skin, pigmentation is the number one problem as it represents the aging pro-cess for people with darker skin types. In terms of cost-effectiveness, it is a worthy machine to invest in. There are no disposables, and maintenance is minimal and easy to do. Dr. Wong – At 532 nm, I fi nd it very useful for the removal of isolated pig-mented epidermal lesions, which literally “peel off” within a matter of days. I fi nd that the RevLite at a 1064 nm wavelength is very effective for the removal of black tattoos, and with its MultiLite Dye Laser Handpieces at 585 nm and 650 nm, multi-colored tattoos can also be removed. Depending on the quantity, depth and dyes used and the number of treatment sessions, the results may vary. RevLite laser treatments are generally safe and fast to administer. Café-au-lait before Tx Have you observed any complications with RevLite treatment ? If so, how do you treat them ? Dr. Bekhor – Treatment of lentigines and freckles is extremely safe up to skin type III. Skin type IV may be prone to PIH, requiring hydroquinone post-operatively. Early indications suggest that the use of a compression spoon may reduce this risk. With competent use, tattoo treatments should not be associated with complications, al-though extreme care is advised with fl esh tint and white cosmetic pigments, as they may turn black. Dr. Xin – The major complication is increased pigmentation or hypopigmentation, in addition to possible recurrence of the indication being treated. This is especially problematic in melasma patients. Dr. Rajendran – Although I rarely come across hypopigmentation, it is the only complication. You need to be very careful to not do any damage. Usually, I start off under treating the patient, and then depending on the response, I reconsider wheth-er I should increase the energy. Café-au-lait after RevLite Tx Photos courtesy of Philip Bekhor, M.D. THE Asian Aesthetic Guide 2012 -Volume 2 5

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